What is Tesra Supernet?

Tesra Supernet is the first applied AI computing platform with decentralized architecture, which integrates computation power around the world and AI developers via community token value system, forming a virtual hyper-computer to meet rapidly growing demands of Artificial Intelligence.

solutions of Tesra Supernet


Proof of Valuable Contribution


Flexible computing extension architecture

brand new multi-function node server

High performance and convenience to meet the development needs of individuals and businesses

Global Supercomputing Center

A super-computing center has been built, the foshan super-calculation center is under construction, and two
super-computing centers are about to land in the industrial park.

Pre-commercial Version Released

Latest News
18 Nov. 2018
Insight into the Future|First Tesra Supernet Consensus Conference Closed A Great Success
The First Tesra Supernet Consensus Conference ended a success on November 15th after 3-day process. This conference was not only joined by community builders from all over the country but also attended by professors Liu Changyong and Yu Xueming, both senior scholar of blockchain, who had discussions over AI industry and value of blockchain, and the prospects and development of Tesra Supernet on the conference.
31 Aug 2018
Tesra Supernet First Global Roadshow in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!
The summit brought together entrepreneurs and investors in blockchain industry from Vietnam and all over the world for a purpose of driving the application and innovation of blockchain technology.

Road map

The Future of Tesra Supernet

In the next two years, the supercomputer network of Tesra will take
a foothold in China and spread to Southeast Asia, even going global.

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