Model data distributed-computing
Core Competitiveness

Customized hardware and software solutions for distributed computing for AI developers
Charge in hours per unit, and time is accurate to seconds
Select GPU on demand, flexible and convenient

Project Advantage

Protocol Hierarchy

In the distributed computing technology, the model layer, scheduling layer, intelligent contract layer and block chain protocol layer are introduced as the middleware of the whole network.By integrating distributed computing and block chain technology with four-layer structures, the idle GPU resources around the world are consolidated into a super computing network platform specially used for artificial intelligence training.

Consensus Mechanism

There are some problems in the mainstream of blockchain bookkeeping right distribution (consensus mechanism). Following are the main points: POW:A lot of waste of computing resource. POS:Absolute obedience to ownership makes the public lose their will to participate in. DPOS:The degree of decentralization is still being tested and is not yet mature. The POVC consensus mechanism designed by Tesra Supernet uses the joint algorithm completely, increases the contribution to the node assessment, and evaluates the difficulty and computational complexity of each algorithm. To calculate the amount of contributors according to the total network workload to award the average distribution, single node can activate the entire computing network to be used in the field of scientific computing.


Project Value

Help AI enterprises to reduce cost and help SMEs to grow rapidly.
Help thousands of artificial intelligence developers to break the bottleneck of computing power and allow traditional enterprises to complete the intelligent transformation.
Substantially reduce resource waste and duplication of hardware investment to achieve a truly shared economy.

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  • Dec.2017

    Build project team
  • Mar.2018

    Complete conceptverification
  • Apr.2018

    Verify feasibility of Demo version
  • Jun. 2018

    Test and development in mine field
  • Jul. 2018

    Deployment test of blockchain’s intelligent contract
  • Aug. 2018

    Buid small-scale AI computing center
  • Sep. 2018

    Globe road show for crowd-funding
  • Dec. 2018

    1.0 version launches and operates
  • Mar. 2019

    Underlying protocol optimizes and upgrades
  • Jun. 2019

    Online computing power achieves 200PFlops
  • Sep. 2019

    Cover 300 thousand developers