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Tesra Supernet-Planning

What is Tesra Supernet?

Tesra Supernet serves as a basic network that helps the transmission of value in AI computing network. It innovatively uses computing power as proof, adopts PoVC for its consensus mechanism, and features functions such as lightening network, quick payment, anonymous transactions and zero knowledge proof, solving the issue of insufficient computing resources. Tesra Supernet seeks to provide better user experience in the large-scale commercial DAPP in the future, enabling the latter to embrace smart contract applications of various kinds.

Tesra Supernet-Innovation

Adopt PoVC consensus mechanism

Tesra Supernet employs the PoVC algorithm for its consensus mechanism and integrates PoW and PoS of ethereum and botcoin with a later update on all as a whole. PoW is involved to produce and distribute Tesra Supernet, which totals a steady value of 10 billion and adopts PoW to mine, a way similar to mining on bitcoin network. No big problem ever happened to bitcoin network over the 10 years of its operation, proving PoW consensus mechanism and economy model based on it more stable than others alike.

Tesra Supernet also uses PoS to pack transactions for a faster process and security after block production. In cases where 51% attacks take place due to concentrated computing power, no history transactions will be able to be changed other than some impacts on subsequent production, the assets under user accounts are hence secured.

Tesra Supernet-Planning

Support lightening network and quick payment

A two-layered network is built for confirmation of transactions on Tesra Supernet, paired with changes to the internet communication protocol to reduce the time used for block confirmation. The normal two-layered confirmation network refers to a combination of PoS nodes (also refered to as normal nodes) and master nodes (including super nodes) while on the one hand, the former is responsible for packing transactions and broadcasting to the super node and others that are linked to the master node, the super node, on the other hand, resembles CDN nodes in the traditional internet and is responsible for data synchronization without any other privileges on consensus. If the client chooses InstantSend model for real-time transfer, the inputs will be locked to a specified transaction, and the transaction will reach the consensus on master node network which will fail all transactions or blocks that don’t conform to the consensus unless they correctly match with the ID for the locked transaction. As it takes about 1 second to lock transactions at present, InstantSend will guarantee safe transactions within one second, which we also call arrival by second.

As regards the changes to the Internet communication protocol, Tesra Supernet has managed to quicken the information transmission on network, and help break some restrictions on cross-border transmission to solve the problems of payment between countries under complicated web environment. To name the details, this is achieved by alterations to the protocol stack, making it possible for the normal nodes to exchange information rapidly under the protocol of the master node, which has a higher requirement for the internet environment where the super node exists.

Functions include anonymous transaction and zero knowledge proof

Zero—knowledge proof denotes proving legal ownership of some rights while not disclosing relevant information—no knowledge exposed to others. Anonymous transactions are allowed on Tesra Supernet to protect data. One’s data owned solely by himself are secured being used or exchanged. Tesra Supernet may engage encrypted communication and data isolation in its application in the future.

Tesra Supernet to tackle the issue of insufficient AI computing resources

Based on the blockchain technology, Tesra Supernet has developed a distributed supercomputing network that provides AI developers with economical and flexible computing services. The computing nodes in the network can be GPU from SMEs, GPU mines or even from personal or idle computers. The computing nodes acquire rewards according to the actual contributions made through task execution when the rewards will be calculated and distributed by Tesra Supernet.

Tesra Supernet will serve as a platform of new generation by integrating global GPU resources for the formation of an AI supercomputing network to give powerful support to AI R&D with computing services.

Blockchain-based Tesra Supernet is in nature a DAPP achieved by applying smart contract and a platform where deep learning is available on chain. In this way the traditional real economy is better served by blockchain.

Tesra Supernet Global Nodes Election Event Opened in Hangzhou, China!

Tesra Supernt had a grand opening of its Global Nodes Election Event in Hangzhou, China, on April 28, 2019, followed by the closure on 30. The activity themed “New start, New adventure” was joined by hundreds of community co-founders and sought to promote the project of building global nodes and fuel further development of Tesra Supernet ecology.

As an indispensable role in the construction of Tesra Supernet ecology, this opening indicates a major shift to decentralization, which will give birth to a more efficient, more flexible and safer collaborative network. Dating back to early 2018 when our newly-established technical team conducted the proof of concept of AI distributed computation system at Chongqing University of Technology till the holding of the event, Tesra has experienced countless updates and innovations to its system and products. With mission on shoulder and conviction in heart, we succeeded in creating the first ever decentralized AI computing platform, which compared to traditional ones, features better stability, elastic expandability and guaranteed security. We also bring unique value to AI industry by considerably lowering the costs of computation. The global node election will continuously capture attention from more talents who are willing to join in the building of Tesra ecology. In the end, we expect to gather AI talents for joint efforts to build an intelligent network for global industries.

The success of the case shed new light on the planning of global nodes construction for co-founders of all communities. We are expecting more talents to be participants in the building of nodes and the creation of a more prosperous network.

Tesra Supernet is determined to continue the journey forward with everyone to probe into the blockchain industry for AI and blockchain technology applications.

Tesra Supernet First Global Roadshow in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

“Blockchain Summit Vietnam 2019”, the blockchain summit jointly hosted by FUBT and Beecast was held on March,29 to 31. The summit brought together entrepreneurs and investors in blockchain industry from Vietnam and all over the world for a purpose of driving the application and innovation of blockchain technology. Tesra Supernet was honorably invited to the event and had deep conversations with blockchain fans there over the development of the industry.

At the meeting, attendees were given a detailed introduction on blockchain market in Vietnam——large population with young people taking up 70%, relatively loose policies which makes blockchain there dynamic and huge blank market for development as there aren’t any quality exchanges and project sponsors yet in Vietnam. On the whole, Blockchain market in Vietnam offers an exciting opportunity for promising projects and ambitious investors!

On the summit, Leo Lan, CEO of Tesra Supernet, elaborated the technical advantages and ecological value of Tesra. In his presentation, AI technology will be more than productive and valuable in the future of mankind while currently we are facing difficulties such as high costs and hard access to computing power. On that premise, Tesra Supernet integrates the GPU computing power around the world to form a virtual hyper-computer via application of both blockchain and decentralized architecture, hitting the “problem” right on the head.

Tesra Supernet as a computing services platform has achieved technological application. In December 2018, Tesra released the platform for testing, in March of the next year, pre-commercial version of the platform went online. Currently on Tesra there are some AI enterprises scheduling computing power and operating stably. Leo Lan also demonstrated operations on Tesra Supernet on the submit, attracting extensive attention on the spot.

Tesre is right now prioritizing commercial use of technology to speed up the building of global communities and supercomputing centers, and the development of a healthy global network ecology.

The first leg of our global expansion in Vietnam has drew wide attention following a successful wrapup, and Tesra will make persistent efforts to develop a globalized ecology.

Ecological Progress | Tesra(TSR) launched on OCX!

Tesra Supernet March,6 Dear builders of Tesra Supernet: Tesra Supernet will be joining the well-known (top 20) trading platform OCX for transactions and top-up services on March 9th, 2019. By then the currency pair of TSR/USDT will be available for trading, so every builder can recharge in advance and we wish you a smooth trading process! Later Tesra will be launched on more platforms, please keep tuned! We always appreciate your company on the journey!

OCX trading platform:

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Insight into the Future|First Tesra Supernet Consensus Conference Closed A Great Success

The First Tesra Supernet Consensus Conference ended a success on November 15th after 3-day process. This conference was not only joined by community builders from all over the country but also attended by professors Liu Changyong and Yu Xueming, both senior scholar of blockchain, who had discussions over AI industry and value of blockchain, and the prospects and development of Tesra Supernet on the conference.

Prof. Yu Xueming is a Ph.D. in Economics at Tsinghua University, a member of the Society of Management Sciences of China, a special expert in the Enterprise Management System of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and a senior consultant for Tesra Supernet. In the conference, Yu shared: all who succeed in the end are trend followers, and trend for today is nothing but AI and blockchain. Tesra serves as a perfect entry point for those who want to dabble in the AI industry. He later stated that we needed to do the most meaningful things which was best represented by blockchain.

Professor Liu Chang has Ph.D. degree in economics at Peking University and he is also a columnist for Babbitt and Mars Finance. As a senior scholar of blockchain, he shared opinions on history and future of crypto economy in terms of technology, making clear to all what it is and why and making a positive prediction on the prospects of Tesra Supernet. Hou Wenjie, deputy director of the southwestern branch of Iflytek——an enterprise that owns the leading smart voice and AI technology, said in the conference that Tesra Supernet appears to be a project that will make AI more powerful.

AI, blockchain and internet of things are undeniably where the trends are today. The drive for them are unanimously computing power, which we believe will be the main productive force in the future of mankind, and the main contradiction of the future will be between the growing number of data and limited computing power. However, the high cost and low efficiency of computing power has built a huge wall, standing in the way of R&D in AI industry.

Although there are louder voices calling for democratization and decentralization in AI and machine learning industry over these years, no project in these fields counts as real use case of these concepts.

Tesra Supernet is a distributed “supercomputing center” which provides underlying technology and resource services for AI enterprises. With distributed architecture independently developed by DingDu Technology Company, Tesra integrates GPU all over the world to serve AI machine learning with computing services. Apart from a shortened time (8 times) used for training, Tesra also cuts down 70% of the computing costs and guarantees safer data transmission and offers a more reasonable charging mode for computing power.

Tesra acts as a remedy for the problem. By making use of idle GPU to train the deep learning network, Tesra saves costs on research for users during the training process when the resource providers receive token as rewards. It is with no doubt a great achievement with such clever use of blockchain reward mechanism.

In the past few months, Tesra Supernet was developing rapidly in terms of technology. In the whole token ecology with mature technological application, there formed a benign closed loop of economic ecology between investors and users. The holding of the conference enabled the builders to reach a deeper consensus on value, setting the stage for future ecological construction of Tesra Supernet. The AI industry can expect computing power for a rise of productivity, and everyone can get involved in this reform to build a real civilized world of blockchain.

Tesra Supernet Seminar Tour Closed Its First Stop in Shanghai!

A technology seminar jointly hosted by HuiXin Capital co-founders Wang Guojun and Zhu Yanlin, together with Tesra Superent fans was held in Shanghai on October, 7. Leo Lan, CEO of Tesra Supernet also attended the seminar for themed sharing.

Leo opened the activity by summarizing that computing power more accessible, more affordable and more convenient is the key to AI development.

With the accelerated development of deep learning and digital technology, AI has entered a stage of blooming. Self-driving cars, voice recognition and image recognition will be introduced into thousands of households soon. According to public data and, intelligent industries has surpassed 15 billion dollars in 2017, and the figure is estimated to reach 34 billion as of 2019 as the momentum goes on.

We may notice that both SMEs and scientific research institutions are facing the shortage of computing resources following the rapid growth of the industry. In normal situations, they will drop 10%-30% of their budget into the investment and maintenance for GPU and other hardware, putting a cap on investment in research and development.

Tesra puts forward a solution for building a GPU supercomputing network based on blockchain. We take advantage of idle GPU around the world, including GPU computing hardware from SMEs and GPU mines, to form a supercomputing network that caters to AI industry and lowers the investment in hardware for AI enterprises.

On Tesra, Training by enterprises for AI development is available on global GPU nodes. What they need to do is pay per use, which directly reduces the investment in hardware.

Compared with traditional cloud computing services, Tesra shortens the training time by 8 times while lessening the cost of computing power by 70%, prompting the innovation and development of smart enterprises of all societies by bringing great relief to them.

Tesra serves the users with flexible GPU resources according to their demands. For GPU owners, they can get extra earnings by sharing idle computing power, while for GPU mine owners, they can mine multiple currencies at the same time and get more incomes.

At the event, cofounder of HuiXin brought excellent content to community lovers. He talked about the dynamics between projects and investors in blockchain market and the impacts it has on the advancement of the industry. In his opinions, we have a far long and arduous task lying ahead in the way of building blockchain ecology, on the one hand, it requires great ambition and constant pursuits of those with quality projects to take the industry to a new level, on the other hand, efforts by discerning investors to prompt the development are counted as a must.

“The past half year has witnessed a growling wave leaving those concerned whining and moaning. Bubble projects pushed to go on exchanges are driven aground and ruled out”, he continued, which mirrored the thoughts of those dedicated to blockchain technology and its promotion. Showing a positive attitude to the development of AI, he thinks highly of the future possibilities of Tesra Supernet as it addresses the defects of AI by the square.

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